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Miles began as a question I asked myself about my kids, “What deodorant should I get them?”

When I started searching, I didn’t find a solid option for teenagers. I was choosing between legacy brands for that put an emphasis on traditional masculinity or soft floral scents, and expensive natural brands which I didn’t even know would work with my kid's body chemistry. None of the choices felt right, so in my mind there was only one other thing to do: create my own.

That decision started me on a journey to develop products that address the specific and changing needs of teens and tweens. As a brand, I want Miles to help ease the stress of being a teen by being an inclusive, modern brand that focused on individuality rather than enforcing gender roles and expectations.

Today there is more space for teens to be their authentic selves and we want to celebrate that with Miles. Miles is for everyone, whether it be the musician, actor, thinker, athlete, gamer, or whatever else they are passionate about. As a mom, that’s a brand I can really get behind. 

Using my 25 years of experience in consumer products and retail, and input from hundreds of parents and teens, Miles was created with these commitments:

Miles works hard, prevents stink and sweat.

Miles strives to use clean, natural ingredients.

Miles is inclusive. Because B.O. and sweat stop for no one.

Miles is Designed to…

Prevent odor-causing bacteria, glide on smoothly, sooth skin and keep you smelling GREAT!

Did you know that deodorant is designed to stop ODOR (thus the de-ODOR-rant) and antiperspirant is designed to stop PERSPIRing? And perspire is a fancy word for sweat? So really, anti-perspirant is really anti-sweat…er…ant.