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Fresh Deodorant


Miles Deodorant neutralizes underarm stink with hardworking, plant-based ingredients designed to stop odor-causing bacteria, absorb wetness and sooth your skin. 

Fresh is an invigorating blend of grapefruit, ocean minerals and a hint of agave. It’s the “driving with the windows down” scent.

Designed To...

Stop odor-causing bacteria, Strengthen skin's barriers, Glide on smoothly, Absorb moisture, Sooth skin, and keep you smelling GREAT!

Did you know that deodorant is designed to stop ODOR (thus the de-ODOR-rant) and antiperspirant is designed to stop PERSPIRing? And perspire is a fancy word for sweat? So really, anti-perspirant is really anti-sweat…er…ant.